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I just received a letter in the mail saying they are processing my credit card application and need a copy of my social security card to complete the process. Interesting since I never applied for a credit card with this company or any other in recent years. I called the customer service number @ 605/782-3434 and could not talk to a live person, just kept being prompted to enter my Social Security Number. If it walks like a duck and quacks... Read more

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Got this card when i had *** credit. No issues, a couple fraud attempts but they were quick to fix it. Increases every 6 months or so. Nothing spectacular, but if you need credit or to rebuild works nicely.

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Poor research when I already have 3 cards over 1500 limit and no higher than 16% from M/C, Discover, and Visa. I find it highly insulting and a huge waste of time to be getting junk like this stuffed into my PO Box; then having to lug the *** home and open it to be insulted like this. It does nobody any good, our environment included. This is absolutely the worst offer I've gotten over the years, and after reading the customer satisfaction... Read more

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Capital one gives credit increases every 3 months but i like to know why first savings does not. I have had my card for 6 months now and always pay my bill on time but cant get a credit increase..

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I have had this card for a couple of years with no issues, high rate but no problems.

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I've had this First Savings credit card for a year or so and have had no problems at all. Paid my bill on time in excess of the minimum payment, they raised my credit limit and I guess my key to no problems are I pay my bill at least a week in advance. Maybe not AMEX but it has been good to me. My wallet was stolen, they immediately cancelled my card, and have issued me another without any issues. Customer services was very helpful. Do have the... Read more

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I haven't had a problem yet.I wished I would have passed them by especially with the threats some of you have gotten..this is my second payment.. we shall first payment was good.. I will give them a benefit of a doubt..they better not do me wrong...from now on I will check out the card and credit company...thanks for all the reviews that I read too late..I hope this Saving bank has far no problem but will get back to do... Read more

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I just got a bill from First Savings Credit Card for an annual fee of $75. I have never heard of this company before and I do not have a credit card from them. There is no phone number on the card except for an automated number for services, so I can't call them to find out why they are sending me a bill. I am sending this to the attorney general's office in Florida. I can't even find a physical address for them, just a PO Box. What kind of... Read more

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EVEN IF DESPERATE FOR CREDIT DO NOT APPLY!!!! I made a big purchase days before the $75 yearly fee was due. My fault for not realizing fee was due. It took me to a measly $5 over credit limit. Days later they reported me to credit reporting agency that I was over limit. Credit score dropped!!! Thank you for your generous act!

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I called spoke with Ryan (operator #766) Who quickly canceled my card before I could finish talking about a charge. I then asked to speak with his supervisor. LOL Dylan (operator #509) was of NO help what so ever! I asked about his supervisor. He said her name is Sarah. Well Great! you cannot speak with her you must wait 24-48hours for her to call you! Oh wait you can't have her email address either! So then I asked for Sara's supervisor her... Read more

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