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I just got a bill from First Savings Credit Card for an annual fee of $75. I have never heard of this company before and I do not have a credit card from them. There is no phone number on the card except for an automated number for services, so I can't call them to find out why they are sending me a bill. I am sending this to the attorney general's office in Florida. I can't even find a physical address for them, just a PO Box. What kind of... Read more

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EVEN IF DESPERATE FOR CREDIT DO NOT APPLY!!!! I made a big purchase days before the $75 yearly fee was due. My fault for not realizing fee was due. It took me to a measly $5 over credit limit. Days later they reported me to credit reporting agency that I was over limit. Credit score dropped!!! Thank you for your generous act! Add comment

I called spoke with Ryan (operator #766) Who quickly canceled my card before I could finish talking about a charge. I then asked to speak with his supervisor. LOL Dylan (operator #509) was of NO help what so ever! I asked about his supervisor. He said her name is Sarah. Well Great! you cannot speak with her you must wait 24-48hours for her to call you! Oh wait you can't have her email address either! So then I asked for Sara's supervisor her... Read more

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April 11th 2016, I had paid my First Savings Credit Card for the month of "April" on the 6th (4/6/16). The available credit "should" have been $400.+. Stay with me, this is funny :( I went to use the card 4/10/16 and was declined ! Fast forward to today, I just got off the phone with them and my "available" credit is . . . . . $12.00, I talked to a supervisor and she informed me that they can "HOLD" a payment for up to 12 DAYS!!! Is that... Read more

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I pay my account off each month to make sure that I will not have any other issue with this card. Would like to close it but do not want my credit score to drop. Add comment

I pay my bills ahead of time and then I was charged a late fee and also my dates periodically changed and then I would be late always have to call and the customer service manners is very impolite. I will be happy to a this off and never deal with them again. I pray and thank the Lord on that one amen. And they are good about credit increases though but not like the customer service and getting charged late fees for paying my monthly bill early Read more

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I had just received the card with a 350.00 limit they say minus 75.00 for the first time fee payed the 75.00 as soon as I got it so my balance be 0 still after that they say pay another 75.00 balance still not 0 had the card a month have not used the card this company is fraud a bunch of scammers Add comment

I love my First Savings credit card. If you pay on time, you have no problem.... Add comment

THIS CARD IS NOT WORTH GETTING!! IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW BAD YOUR CREDIT MAY BE. I had a weird situation where I returned something that I didn't purchase on the card to the First Savings card. They suspended my card over that transaction. When I called customer service to try and resolve the issue, I was treated so incredibly poorly!!!! I had never ever been late on a payment either!! There was no reason to treat a person like that. Do not... Read more

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The worst credit card with a lots of fees don't even try to apply Add comment

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