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THIS CARD IS NOT WORTH GETTING!! IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW BAD YOUR CREDIT MAY BE. I had a weird situation where I returned something that I didn't purchase on the card to the First Savings card. They suspended my card over that transaction. When I called customer service to try and resolve the issue, I was treated so incredibly poorly!!!! I had never ever been late on a payment either!! There was... Read more

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The worst credit card with a lots of fees don't even try to apply Add comment

I don't know what everyone is complaining about I got this card a year ago with a limit of $350.00 Yes it was low but I was trying to rebuild my credit. Just like anyone else who applies for this card. After 6 months of on time payments I got an auto CLI to $600.00. I didn't request it they just issued it. I pay my bill on time usually the day before the due date and I have no issues. I am... Read more

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Scam company placed a charge of over $90.00 onto my account, bank does nothing except give me a run around and keeps adding charges. I have sent the bank fraud department over $11.00 worth of faxed pages showing proof of my dispute, yet they still say item was placed in a proper manner by the scam company. This dispute with First Savings credit has gone on over 7 months, and I have spoken with... Read more

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They upgraded their web site and messed up my bank information. Then when I made payments from my bank account they were rejected. They never notified me that the payments didnt go through due to wrong bank acct # and when I inquired they had already report me as late payments to the credit bureaus. They charged me many extra fees and I disputed but they never fixed the issue now my payments are... Read more

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Disputed a transaction. They didnt take any action with the hotel booking & blamed me that i paid hotel before booking date. Add comment

a fraud billing on my account. Bank "investigated" and said I should contact the fraud company's customer service and refused to remove the $90.00 plus billing on my credit card account. I have cancelled my account, and informed them I will not in any manner pay the outstanding balance of the fraud amount still on my card account. Credit rating be dammed. To require me to pay the disputed... Read more

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Haven't used the card since 8/14 paid my balance in full in 1/15. Went to close the account on 2/10 and noticed fraud on my account for dates of 2/6-2/8. Called in disputed the charges as fraud. I have the card still so don't know how they used it. I followed up on about 2/20 and they told me I only disputed 1 item not all 4-5 charges so we submitted dispute for those. Called a month later... Read more

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The weather slid the postal truck up an curb of snow during a foggy blizzard and the postman had to leave his truck to get help and my payment posted 3 days over the date the payment was due ;date due was the 13th of that month/ it posted the 16th sixteenth; and i g saw it over the news.I could believe i was v thinking of it the same way i saw it mostly the one hundred and forty five dollars and... Read more

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I sent a payment in on the 27th of Feb and it didn't post to my account until the 13... Really people... I closed my account they hold payements to get the late fees.. This has happend more then once.. When your you call them they have the WORST customer service. I told the lady they are holding payments and she said that is illegal i said exactly so why do you do it... Need to have a class... Read more

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